rt-emailimport is an extension which allows email to be imported from an IMAP mail server directly into Request Tracker.

It can be used in two ways:

  1. To open a ticket based on an email someone sent to you
    Sometimes people bypass the ticketing system and email you directly, whether intentionally or not. With this extension, you can go to "Tools -> Email Import", select their message, and it will be as if they had emailed RT instead: a ticket will be created and they will get the usual autoresponse.
  2. To add an email conversation to the comments in a ticket
    Often there are conversations, or even just single messages, that are relevant to a ticket but which were held by email rather than through RT. Using this extension, when you are viewing a ticket you can click "Import" (next to "Display", "History", etc), and choose one or more messages to import as ticket comments.

You can download the latest source Zip here:

This extension requires the Perl modules Mail::IMAPClient and Date::Parse.

To install the extension:

Note: This has only been tested on RT 3.6.6.

Comments, bug reports, and patches gratefully received - please use the Contact Form.

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0.0.1 - 25 November 2010