Open Source software is software whose source code can be freely shared (for more information see I am the developer of the following Open Source packages:

Package Summary Version  
RT TemplateTickets An RT extension to allow tickets to be used as templates for new tickets 0.02 12 Oct 2021
Pipe Viewer Monitor the progress of data through a pipe 1.6.20 12 Sep 2021
Continual Sync Tool to keep duplicates of directory trees continually in sync 0.0.6 4 Sep 2021
RT FilterRules An RT extension to filter tickets through rule sets 0.01 4 Sep 2021
RT ShareSearchLink An RT extension for shorter shareable links for ticket searches 0.02 27 Aug 2021
QSF Quick Spam Filter 1.2.15 29 Mar 2021
Term::VT102 VT102 emulation Perl module 0.91 9 Nov 2008
JMBA Junk Mail Buffering Agent 0.5.5 6 Feb 2006
Postprox Minimal Postfix SMTP proxy 0.2.0 24 Jan 2006

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If you use RPMs (Red Hat, Fedora, etc), these packages are available through the YUM repository.