Free Software Projects

Users of Free Software have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. I am the developer of the following free software packages:

Package Summary Version  
Pipe Viewer Monitor the progress of data through a pipe 1.8.12 18 Jul 2024
Administrative Compatibility Tool Unified interface to service and package management 0.1.0 4 May 2024
XYZ Check for, and correct, common configuration and security faults 0.2.4 23 Mar 2024
RT NewTicketFromCorrespondence An RT extension for creation of new tickets based on correspondence on an existing ticket 0.04 12 Feb 2024
Continual Sync Tool to keep duplicates of directory trees continually in sync 0.1.0 20 Aug 2023
RT PinComment An RT extension for ticket comment pinning 0.01 19 Aug 2023
RT EmailReplyDelimiter An RT extension to strip text from emails after a delimiter 0.01 19 Aug 2023
RT TemplateTickets An RT extension to allow tickets to be used as templates for new tickets 0.02 12 Oct 2021
RT FilterRules An RT extension to filter tickets through rule sets 0.01 4 Sep 2021
RT ShareSearchLink An RT extension for shorter shareable links for ticket searches 0.02 27 Aug 2021
QSF Quick Spam Filter 1.2.15 29 Mar 2021
Term::VT102 VT102 emulation Perl module 0.91 9 Nov 2008
JMBA Junk Mail Buffering Agent 0.5.5 6 Feb 2006
Postprox Minimal Postfix SMTP proxy 0.2.0 24 Jan 2006

For more information on a package, click on its name. If you would like more information or support, or are interested in sponsoring further development of any package, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Most of the active development is hosted under my Codeberg account. Issues, patches, and pull requests can be submitted through that platform. (Usage of GitHub has been discontinued - see the Give up GitHub campaign).