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continual-sync is a tool to synchronise one directory tree with another, with rsync, using the inotify mechanism to keep the copy constantly up to date very efficiently by making rsync do as little work as possible.

It can be used to mirror directories between machines asynchronously, for instance backing up your local files to an off-site file server.

The continual-sync tool is intended to be used in the background - set up once and forgotten about. For example, it can be used to back up hundreds of Linux desktops to a central server with no user interaction, and with changes appearing on the central server within minutes of the originals being changed on the desktop.

The package also includes the "watchdir" utility, which writes change notification files when the contents of a directory are altered.

Source code, and RPMs for i386 and x86_64 systems, are available in the download area. Note that this software will only run on Linux.

On CentOS 6 systems, you can set up my YUM repository, then do "yum install continual-sync".

Comments, bug reports, and patches can be sent using the Contact Form.

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0.0.5 - 12 December 2014
0.0.4 - 12 August 2014
0.0.3 - 7 August 2014
0.0.2 - 6 August 2014
0.0.1 - 2 August 2014
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